Amazing ‘True Monsters’: Zo Insung, the Star of ‘Moving Star,’ Explores Depths in Upcoming Disney+ K-Drama

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Discover the captivating world of “True Monsters” as Zo Insung, the talented star from the acclaimed series “Moving Star,” delves into the depths of this exciting new Disney+ K-Drama. Immerse yourself in a thrilling journey as Zo Insung lifts the lid on the intriguing secrets that lie within, promising a mesmerizing experience for all fans. Explore the realms of suspense, emotion, and mystery in this highly anticipated series, set to captivate audiences on Disney+. Don’t miss out on the excitement – stay tuned for a K-Drama adventure like no other!

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What inspired Zo Insung to take on the role in “Moving” even before seeing the script? How does the original webtoon by Kangfull influence his decision?

Step into a world where espionage, deadly missions, and extraordinary powers converge in the mesmerizing K-drama series, “Moving,” exclusively on Disney+. This riveting narrative, rich with intrigue and emotion, introduces viewers to a unique blend of action, suspense, and relatable human struggles. At the heart of this gripping tale is the exploration of “ordinary people with extraordinary powers,” as Korean actor Zo Insung, a prominent cast member of “Moving,” recently shared in his first-ever interview with a mainstream U.S. publication, Newsweek.


Transported back to the 1990s, “Moving” follows a group of agents from South Korea’s National Intelligence Service (NIS), each uniquely endowed with superhuman abilities. They are assembled as an elite secret team, only to be mysteriously disbanded shortly thereafter. The enigmatic backdrop of espionage sets the stage for a series that combines fast-paced action with deep introspection.

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In his interview with Newsweek, Zo Insung, a name synonymous with excellence in the Korean entertainment industry, delves into the series’ core themes. He unveils the tension between extraordinary abilities and ordinary lives, as these former agents grapple with their unique identities. Zo’s portrayal of Kim Doosik, a veteran NIS agent capable of flight, stands as a testament to the multifaceted nature of the characters. Doosik’s dual nature—exemplifying the juxtaposition between his chilling profession and his compassionate, human side—brings forth a dynamic that resonates with audiences.

The series’ premise takes an unexpected turn as these superhuman agents, having left their NIS pasts behind, strive to lead inconspicuous lives, shielding their powers and their children’s inherited gifts from the prying eyes of the NIS and other government entities. This clash of extraordinary powers against the backdrop of mundane lives sets the stage for a captivating exploration of the human experience.

Zo Insung’s decision to join “Moving” was fueled by his connection with the source material. He cites the original webtoon by Kangfull as a compelling factor that drew him to the project. The grounded plot and the exploration of authentic human emotions were driving forces behind his commitment to the series.

As the series unfolds, Zo’s character, Kim Doosik, becomes a focal point. Despite his role’s dark and cold nature, Doosik’s character evolves to showcase a compassionate heart. Zo’s portrayal brilliantly captures the complexity of individuals who wear different masks in various aspects of life, showcasing their humanity beyond their professional personas. Doosik’s humanist and emotional side emerge as his greatest hidden power, making him a character whose journey viewers are deeply invested in.

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The drama also tackles power dynamics and exploitation, where Zo Insung identifies the “true monsters” as those wielding power to manipulate and control the characters. This nuanced exploration of authority and its abuses adds layers of depth to the series, turning it into a reflection of real-world struggles.

“Moving” is equally a story of heroism, with the parents of the superhuman children emerging as the true champions. Zo emphasizes the sacrifices parents make to protect their offspring, demonstrating the incredible strength that emerges in the face of danger. The show delves into the unbreakable bond between parent and child, transcending the boundaries of ordinary human capabilities.

Zo Insung’s favorite scene, centered on a candid interaction between a mother and her son, captures the essence of the show’s emotional resonance. This poignant moment reflects the universal struggles of parenthood and personal challenges, adding an extra layer of authenticity to the series.

As the series hurtles towards its climax, Zo offers a tantalizing glimpse of the intense clashes between characters, hinting at the suspenseful developments that await viewers.

Beyond “Moving,” Zo Insung’s aspirations extend to Hollywood, with his upcoming project “Hope.” Under the direction of Korean filmmaker Na Hong-Jin, Zo’s foray into the global stage marks an exciting step in his career. His admiration for Brad Pitt’s work and his desire to work alongside the Hollywood icon showcase his commitment to exploring diverse roles and collaborations.

“Unveiling the Intrigue of ‘Moving'” is an invitation to journey into a world of secrecy, power, and human resilience. As you immerse yourself in the captivating narrative of “Moving” on Disney+, prepare to be transported to a realm where the extraordinary meets the ordinary, and where the true strength of humanity shines through.

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