Best Review Holy Stone HS720E Drone

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Experience elevated aerial photography and seamless flight with the Holy Stone HS720E GPS Drone. Capture stunning 4K videos and photos with EIS technology for unparalleled clarity. Its foldable design ensures portability, while GPS stabilization and Smart Return Home enhance flight safety. Enjoy up to 46 minutes of flight time with dual batteries and master precision control with 5GHz transmission. Elevate your drone journey with features like FPV, Follow Me mode, waypoint navigation, and brushless motors. Discover a world of possibilities in every flight with the HS720E drone.

Holy Stone HS720E Drone
Holy Stone HS720E Drone

Why choose Holy Stone HS720E Drone ?

Holy Stone HS720E

Design and Build Quality: The Holy Stone HS720E features a sleek and modern design with foldable arms, making it portable and easy to carry. The foldable design is convenient for storage and transport, allowing you to take it on your outdoor adventures without much hassle. The build quality is generally solid, but it’s important to handle the drone with care to avoid any damage during transport or flight. The materials used are usually lightweight but durable enough to withstand minor bumps and impacts.

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Camera Quality: Equipped with a 4K EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization) camera, the HS720E is capable of capturing high-resolution videos and photos. The EIS technology helps reduce shakiness in your footage, resulting in smoother videos even during slightly turbulent flights. The 130° field of view allows you to capture a wide perspective of your surroundings, which is particularly useful for scenic shots or capturing large landscapes.

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Flight Performance: The GPS system in the HS720E contributes significantly to its flight performance. GPS aids in maintaining stability, accurate positioning, and helps with features like return-to-home and waypoint navigation. The drone’s flight controls are generally responsive, and the brushless motor design enhances flight efficiency. However, the learning curve for beginners might involve some trial and error, especially when mastering hovering, altitude control, and maneuvering.

How long battery for Holy Stone HS720E Drone?

Battery: The drone comes with two batteries, each providing around 23 minutes of flight time. This totals up to about 46 minutes of flying before needing to recharge the batteries. This is a decent amount of flight time for a consumer drone in this category. It’s recommended to monitor the battery levels during flight to ensure that you have enough power for a safe return home.

Features of the Holy Stone HS720E Drone:

  • GPS and Smart Return Home: The GPS system helps maintain stable flight, and the Smart Return Home feature allows the drone to automatically fly back to its takeoff point if the connection is lost or the battery Grill Secret is running low.
  • FPV (First-Person View) Capability: The HS720E offers an FPV feature that allows you to see a live feed from the drone’s camera on your remote controller or smartphone, providing a real-time view of the drone’s perspective.
  • 5GHz Transmission: The 5GHz transmission frequency offers a more stable and less crowded connection between the drone and the remote controller, minimizing interference for smoother control.
  • Brushless Motors: Brushless motors are generally more efficient and durable compared to brushed motors, which contributes to the drone’s flight stability and lifespan.
  • Follow Me Mode: This mode enables the drone to follow and track you autonomously, capturing your movements from the air. It’s a handy feature for capturing dynamic shots during outdoor activities.
  • Waypoint Navigation: You can pre-plan a flight route by setting waypoints on a map, and the drone will follow the designated path, which is particularly useful for capturing specific locations or creating cinematic shots.
  • Altitude Hold: The drone can maintain a consistent altitude autonomously, which is helpful for stable video recording or capturing aerial photographs.
  • Gesture Control: Depending on the model and firmware version, some users might find gesture control features that allow you to command the drone using hand gestures.
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Prices for Holy Stone HS720E Drone Real Estate

What’s Pros & Cons for Holy Stone HS720E Drone?

4K EIS UHD Camera: The 4K camera with Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) helps capture high-quality, stable videos and photos, making it great for recording aerial shots or landscapes.
130° FOV (Field of View): The wide field of view allows you to capture more of your surroundings, enhancing your photography and videography options.
GPS and Smart Return Home: The GPS feature adds stability to the drone’s flight, making it easier to control and reducing the risk of crashes. The “Smart Return Home” function helps the drone automatically return to its takeoff point if it loses connection or if the battery is running low.
FPV (First-Person View) Quadcopter: The ability to see what the drone sees in real-time through the FPV feature adds an immersive experience to flying. It’s useful for framing shots and navigating more precisely.
Long Flight Time: With two included batteries, each offering up to 23 minutes of flight time, you can enjoy a total flight time of up to 46 minutes before needing to recharge.
Brushless Motor: Brushless motors generally provide more power and efficiency compared to brushed motors. This can result in smoother flights, longer lifespan, and less maintenance.
5GHz Transmission: The use of a 5GHz frequency for transmission can provide a more stable and interference-free connection between the remote control and the drone.
Learning Curve for Beginners: While the HS720E is marketed towards beginners, learning to operate a drone effectively still requires practice. Novices might need some time to become comfortable with the controls and flying maneuvers.
Weather Sensitivity: Like most consumer drones, adverse weather conditions like strong winds or rain can impact the drone’s flight stability and video quality.
Limited Obstacle Avoidance: As of my last update in September 2021, the HS720E might not have advanced obstacle avoidance features found in more expensive models. This means you need to be cautious when flying around obstacles.
App Reliability: Some users might have encountered occasional connectivity issues or bugs with the companion app. Ensure that you have a compatible smartphone and check for any app updates.

the Holy Stone HS720E GPS Drone offers a good balance of features, especially for beginners and hobbyists interested in aerial photography and videography. Its 4K camera, stable flight performance, GPS capabilities, and reasonable flight time make it an attractive option.

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