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Coros Pace 3 coros pace 3 release date Aug. 29, 2023 , will make many fans look forward to . Elevate Your Performance with the Coros Pace 3 GPS Sports Watch. Experience unparalleled accuracy and innovative features designed for runners and sports enthusiasts. Discover onboard music, touch screen convenience, extended battery life, and more. Unleash your potential with the ultra-lightweight Coros Pace 3.

In 2017, my journey intersected with Coros at CES in Las Vegas. It was an event brimming with technological marvels, and amidst them, Coros stood out, showcasing an ingenious hands-free, open-ear audio-enabled bike helmet. Among their array of innovations, the original Pace watch made a quiet appearance on the sidelines, catching my attention.

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Feeling about Coros Pace

Coros Pace 3

At that moment, I could sense their confidence in the potential of their watch. Skepticism nagged at me due to its surprisingly affordable price point, doubting its performance capabilities. However, those doubts were swiftly dispelled as I experienced its prowess firsthand (as revealed in the RTR 2019 Review).

Fast forward to the present, and Coros has burgeoned into a frontrunner in crafting GPS sports watches, offering exceptional quality and accuracy at prices that don’t break the bank. Naturally, I was elated when I received the newest addition to their lineup, the Coros Pace 3, for evaluation. Although only a few days have passed since its arrival, the initial impressions are resoundingly positive.

Cutting straight to the heart of the matter, the Coros Pace 3 undeniably shines as an incredibly lightweight timepiece, replete with a plethora of features that cater to the needs of runners and sports enthusiasts alike. What truly amplifies the allure is Coros’ commitment to continuous improvement, evident in their expanding and enhancing app. The presence of a substantial contingent of top-tier sponsored athletes in the Coros roster stands as a testament to the watch’s performance prowess.

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While the Pace 2 boasted its own merits, the Coros Pace 3 unequivocally surpasses its predecessor, as succinctly depicted in the comparison table below. This watch not only holds its own against pricier competitors but often outpaces them in various aspects.Grill Secret

Certainly, the price has inched up to $229, slightly higher than the initial Pace and its successor, which were priced at $200. However, this price increase is more than justified by the substantial enhancements and additions that Coros has incorporated, as outlined in the specifications table below. With improved battery life, an advanced GPS chip featuring multi-network and dual-frequency capabilities, onboard music storage, a responsive touch screen, pulse oximetry measurement, and more, the Coros Pace 3 emerges as a multifaceted gem.

Remarkably, despite its feature-rich nature, the Coros Pace 3 maintains its featherlight form, weighing in at a mere 30g, and flaunts an impressive slimness with a depth of 13mm. Its 1.2” screen, while generous in size, seamlessly melds with the wrist, almost vanishing into thin air.

Comparison Coros Pace 3 vs Coros Pace 2

FeatureCoros Pace 3Coros Pace 2
Battery Life
– GPS38 hrs25 hrs
– Daily Use15 days24/18 days
Display size1.2”1.2”
Display res.240 x 240240 x 240

Drawing a parallel to a close contender, the Garmin Forerunner 245, it becomes evident that the Coros Pace 3 holds its ground impressively. Despite the $71 price gap ($300 for the Garmin), the Coros Pace 3 boasts a similar screen size and resolution, alongside a more robust battery life in both GPS and daily use scenarios. The Pace 3’s feature set, including onboard music and upcoming map features, outshines the Garmin’s offerings. Coros’ software ecosystem, characterized by a cleaner and clearer app layout, serves as an added bonus.

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Transitioning to aspects of comfort, fit, size, and legibility, the Coros Pace 3 assumes an almost ethereal presence on the wrist due to its svelte 30g weight and accommodating nylon strap. This unobtrusive nature becomes strikingly apparent when compared to my experience with the Forerunner 265, which carried a somewhat noticeable weight on a stretch silicone strap.

In terms of aesthetics, the Coros Pace 3’s understated yet bold black and red default watch face, coupled with the charcoal nylon strap adorned with subtle yellow and blue accents, imparts a touch of vibrancy without overwhelming. The watch’s legibility remains unwavering during runs and other activities.

In the realm of display performance, the Coros Pace 3’s transflective screen shines, with data becoming clearer when tilted toward the sun. The memory-in-pixel display ensures that even without the backlight, data remains visible in a subdued manner from the last viewed screen, and activating the backlight is adequately swift.

Coros Pace 3

The watch interface continues Coros’ legacy of the digital dial, now amplified with the introduction of a touch screen, a noteworthy evolution from the Pace 2. The interface’s vibrational feedback has been refined, elevating the overall user experience.

Familiarity with the Digital Dial is essential:

In Everyday Mode, scrolling up or down reveals a continuous stream of vital statistics and notifications. Pressing in offers deeper insights into individual stats, with touchscreen swipes mimicking these actions.

Pressing the dial unveils options:

Activity modes, History, Training Plans, Fitness tests, System settings, etc.

Selecting an activity and pressing the dial initiates the quest for GPS and Heart Rate data. Impressively, the watch achieves ready-to-go status in under 5 seconds, even indoors. Customization options for the activity, such as Basic Interval and GPS mode level, are available before embarking on the activity.

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In summary, the journey with the Coros Pace 3 has ushered in an era of sophisticated yet lightweight performance. Coros’ unrelenting commitment to improvement shines through, making this watch a compelling choice for runners and sports enthusiasts seeking a harmonious blend of functionality and comfort.

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